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Monday Brunch

11. januar 2018


The girls and I met up for brunch in the city in order to catch up on what’s been going on lately. We haven’t hung out properly since last year and it felt like an eternity since! We went to Caféministeriet in Aalborg.


They both got scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, while i decided to get a “healthy” organic brunch.. Mine wasn’t as fun as theirs 🙁 But it was still very delicious! 😀 I had Grapefruit, salami, blue cheese, skyr with müsli, marmalade and green olives.

We chatted for hours and sipped on our coffee until we decided to go to the shops. Karoline had just moved into her new place and needed to buy a few things. And we decided to make a day out of it. We went to søstrene grene and got a few art supplies and then went over to her flat and started painting and just being artsy. That was really fun and different! This is the most innocent we’ve been I believe..  We played trivia pursuit, about harry potter and seriously I know absolutely nothing about any of the movies! I have watched all of them but know nothing.. 🙂 Karoline won several times and Rea won too, except for me. And I usually win when playing games.. 😛 After that we ordered takeout and did a puzzle, which was difficult! although we were three peopled doing it somehow we didn’t complete it?? And there weren’t that many pieces left. I guess we were just tired (yes thats a valid excuse)





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Saturday Night (sponsored content)

11. januar 2018

After having a long week of studying, cleaning and being ordinary humans, Laust and I decided to go out with our mates. What was originally planned as a night with a drink or two ended up with a night full of dancing, laughter and food.

We all met up at the old Irish pub in Aalborg, which is turning out to be our place to hang, Laust and I were obviously late,  because as always I couldn’t figure out what to wear, how to do my hair, the humidity here isn’t treating my hair fair, and what kind of makeup I’d do. We managed to chug down a drink before heading out.  But we still made out the door just in time to be half an hour late which was fine.

Outfit details:

Velvet Burgundy Dress:  Missguided – They don’t have this exact one anymore but they have similar ones on there still which you can find HERE 

But ASOS also has similar dresses!  Use this link to get 5% discount! Isn’t that awesome?? You can find them HERE

Black Belt with Buckle: Also from Missguided – They also don’t have this exact one anymore but you can find similar ones HERE

You can find a very similar belt at ASOS and when using my link you get a 5% too! You can find the belt HERE

I bought these items over a year ago but Missguided and ASOS still have similar items 😀

We had a drink and chatted and then decided to go to Viggos which was just across from Old Irish. Jomfru Ane Gade is a street where all the bars, pubs and clubs are. That street is slowly growing on to me when we have nights as good as last Saturday. Other than that I hate that place. It usually is too crowded and there are way too many drunk people for my taste. Anyway. We had more drinks, laughed a lot, played games, danced the night away. I ended up getting sick. That what happens when I don’t drink every weekend anymore. A few drinks and I’m done. Luckily we managed to make it home without dying! We got food from a place nearby and their food was so good! Laust said I literally cried because of how good their food was! And honestly I’m not chocked! 😀

Here are a few images from our night. Since I didn’t take any good ones I borrowed these from Viggos Facebook page! (Thank god they had a cameraman!)

Laust and I exhausted from dancing but we couldn’t stop.

Simone and I, still dancing

Karoline and Luka

Valentin, Luka and Karoline






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What A Year : Recap of 2017 ! *long post*

6. januar 2018

I know it has been ages since I last updated the blog but I have been very busy, I got back from India 3 days ago and I’m still in awe about the entire trip. I will dedicate a post or two as well as a blog for my days in India where I will be going more into depth about everything. But for now I will present a recap of 2017! A year filled with events, travels, ups and downs of all kinds! 😀

I’ve managed to travel to so many places and meet loads of people and learn who the most important people in my life are. I also got to learn that fake people come around with many faces, their jealousy, hate and insecurities can’t be hidden though. The truth comes out and I’m proven right once again.

I had the worst time in Glasgow. For those who don’t know, I was very happy at first to meet new people and explore a new city! But that happiness quickly faded when people started talking shit about me and harassing me on my blog “anonymously”.. I also kept getting harassed when I spoke about how awful people were. People started assuming it was about them when it was clearly meant towards those who did the bullying. (if the shoe fits feel free to wear it) and people don’t even understand what the term friend means.. I mean one or two people I became “friends” with in Glasgow said goodbye to me and wished me well as I left AND kept in touch. The rest not at all. So why should I consider you a friend? When you never get in touch or if you haven’t spoken to me in weeks while I was still in Glasgow? Or messaged me anything when I made it clear that I was moving? Obviously you don’t care. And I don’t care enough to consider you anything. So go harass me all you want. You’re just proving me right about how people are no good where you’re from. You’re showing an image no one wants to see or expect to see form a beautiful city. So go ahead. Keep doing it. The more you do it the more trouble you drag yourself in. It is a crime to harass and bully online. You can get prison time or fines when the offences increase. And it will be put on your record, enjoy.  You are spending time and energy on me so thank you very much for that attention. But look at me now? I’m in a much happier place, surrounded by amazing people where I get to lift people up and encourage them and they do the same for me. For all I care it was Glasgow’s and it’s peoples loss that I ever left. I got taught who the fake and the real are and that is the greatest lesson of all. People were horrible to me and to my sister and I have met at least 10 people who lived/worked/studied there who experienced the same hostile, aggressive attitude. But I’m the only one willing to share it.  This will stay in 2017. Along with everyone I ever met and knew in the horrid,  awful but beautiful city of Glasgow where the people are freakishly aggressive and clueless. 🙂

Here is how my year was overall:

One of the highlights of this year has been our weekend in Paris, the city of LOVE. It is everything you can ever ask for and dream of. I can’t believe how we spontaneously managed to go everywhere this year and how much fun it has been! I was always looking for a way to travel out of Glasgow to pretty much anywhere because of the bad weather and somehow ended up in Paris where it rained even more!  Paris is still perfect wether it rains or not! 🙂











Shortly after Paris I got to travel to Rome and The Vatican!  😀  I’ve written two blog posts about that trip earlier this year which you can read  HERE  and HERE 















And shortly after Rome I got to travel to Portugal again! 😀 The previous posts about my most recent trip to Portugal can be found HERE and HERE












After that trip to Portugal I went straight back to that worried place Glasgow and stayed for 8 hours and then flew to Copenhagen to spend the last week of Easter with my dearest Laust 🙂 I spent at least two weekends, for every month I lived in Glasgow,  to travel down to Copenhagen and spend time with Laust, worth being exhausted and never being home.

One of my favourite highlights is also Laust’s graduation day! I am so proud of him! He is my pride, my rock, my heart and soul, my EVERYTHING.  I have a post from earlier this year regarding his graduation you can read it HERE 

After Laust graduated we officially left Copenhagen and Sweden and moved to Nordjylland where we spent our first 2 months living Laust’s mum and dad, it was wonderful! We had an amazing time 😀

We got travel to Croatia with Laust’s parents, and once we arrived his entire family was there and we got to spend two amazing weeks with them in the sun.

This was our everyday during these two weeks, we hope we get the opportunity to travel down to Croatia again this year. I have never been as relaxed in my entire life as those two weeks down there.

I have 3 other blog posts about this trip which you can find HERE and HERE and HERE 

As the trip to Croatia ended, we got home to only move again to our very own flat in Aalborg! One of the happiest days yet! 😀 We are still loving our flat and this town and we just can’t  get enough of it!

The post I wrote earlier this year about moving in is HERE

After moving in to our new place Laust and I started at new schools. We met amazing people and those amazing people became our friends.

I became friends with these amazing girls out of coincidence. Me and Rea sat next to each other on our very first day at UCN so she is pretty much stuck with me forever and Karoline had no choice but to be my friend because I straight up told her to be my friend so she can’t ever get rid of me now. These girls are THE BEST and I love them so much, and we’re the pink ladies.

I got to travel some more this year, I booked myself a 3 day trip to Belgium after the first exam which also gave me the opportunity to hop on a train and see Luxembourg as well!

You can read more about the trip on these two blog posts : HERE and HERE

After that trip I decided to once and for all stop all my travels in Europe and start exploring the rest of the world! So I went to India for Christmas! Which was an incredible journey! 5 days filled with activities of all kinds! I have posted a few pictures from the trip on Facebook and Instagram ! But I wont mention it here, this trip requires a post or two. I also filmed a few things which I will share on my youtube channel later on. But I’m so so busy right now studying for exams and trying to live with migraines that I rarely ever update! Which is the main reason to why it took me a week to write and finish this recap 🙁 I hope I can find a solution to those migraines because I really can’t stand living like this and being incapable of doing anything 🙁


ANYWAY : New things are coming this year which is making me very exited to share it all with you guys now BUT I WONT! And I am finally glad that I wrote my feelings down once and for all and can let go and throw 2017 in the bin. Shitty year but it got better  as soon as I moved back to Scandinavia and got to be surrounded by brilliant people 😀



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Instagram husband?? Outfit photoshoot?? (kinda sponsored)

18. december 2017


It has now officially happened I’ve turned my husband into an Instagram husband.. We started about two weeks ago with walks.. and we’ve started bringing our camera out with us. To practice and make use of our already existing skills.. But so I thought why not start again with allowing Laust to take pictures of me.. I usually avoid being in front of the camera and would much rather be behind it..

But so here we go .. on a Sunday two weekends ago:


We did a few outfit pictures. I should update a lot better than this.. Every time we take pictures I procrastinate for weeks before finally making a blog post.. from now on I’ll be better at this!

Outfit details:

Well the stuff I’m wearing are a few years old now.. so it isn’t really that easy to find anymore.

The coat is from Indiska, they don’t sell it anymore but they have similar kinds.

You can find their online store & receive 5% discount on your purchase HERE

My trousers are from Zara, also a few years old, but I found a similar pair HERE

My sweater is from ROMWE, you can find all of their sweaters  HERE




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Best Chinese HotPot ever!

18. december 2017

What have I been up to? Other than coursework, uni & sleep?  Well…

Friday evening started off with me getting ready for dinner with my mates. We had an incredible meal! Which lasted a few hours… I was introduced to hotpot which is a Chinese traditional meal/dinner, I got to try so many new things and I definitely recommend it! The hotpot included a lot of different vegetables, meats, sauces..etc

It was prepared by Andrew, Rea & Majka. But we all helped out in turns of when we arrived. Everything was sliced and put onto plates, bowls etc.

My mates are the very best.. we had a really good evening together, I love how we all can just chat and laugh for hours without getting bored, and how much we care for each other.In the middle we had the pot where the dumplings were cooking at first, and guys don’t judge me but it was my first time eating dumplings! They’re so delicious!!! So after the dumplings cooked I got confused by what order things go in, but I remember the spice went in, and then the meat, and then vegetables ‘bread ‘ etc..

We each had our own little bowl where we mixed different sauces together and then took whatever meat or vegetable we wanted out of the pot to our bowls and  ate it with chopsticks. My favourite mix was a coconut and peanut sauce mixed with a  brown sweet sauce I don’t remember the name of i 🙁 And by the way my chopsticks skills are improving!

This will be the last week of uni before the holidays ..xx

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2 weeks left until 2018 !

14. december 2017

Living right by the water has it perks.. not only the view is AMAZING. But we get to enjoy it everyday!

With great stress coming our way we are very much looking forward the new year.  As always it is a start of something new. Laust and I will be letting go of everything from 2017 and focus on ourselves. Forgetting the past and everyone who deserves to remain in the past. 🙂 (those who know they know) who they are..


Last weekend was very cosy, Laust and I enjoyed a weekend at home together, cuddling and relaxing.. We bought 1kg of candy and chips 😀 we ordered the candy through because we were too lazy to go out in the cold..hehe

But of course we managed to eat all of the candy in a day..



This past week has been filled with course work and classes yet again. Although I still managed to get some quality time with my classmates. We went to an Asian restaurant called Sanya and ate a lot of food. An open buffet that included everything just for 88Dkr during lunch hours. It was as the Danes and Swedes say ‘Hyggligt’ ‘Mysigt’ (cosy).

I also attended a meeting regarding the two week course we’re taking in Shanghai, China. I will be attending a university in Shanghai for two weeks in March, as part of my two years at UCN. This is an incredible opportunity. The meeting regarded, the visa, flights and general information about what we will be doing. I will be doing this course with other students that are studying marketing, digital concept development etc. Me and Karoline will be the only two from our class who will participate and head off to China. It is kind of a bummer. Since our markting class is relatively big and is of many nationalities.. we really wanted for some of our mates to join..

Yet again I’m exited for the weekend, tomorrow will be a day spent in class and an evening to spend with friends.

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We are baking again !

8. december 2017

Every now and then Laust and I come to what we love doing the most and that usually revolves around eating, food etc.. And obviously baking! 😀

We spend a lot of time baking, Laust is very good at baking bread, complicated desserts, puffy pastries cakes etc. I’m also into all of that but I also enjoy making simple snacks 😀


Earlier this week we made Snickerkaka! A few years back when i was working at a vegan café I became familiar with snickerkaka, it is just like a snickers chocolate bar, but A LOT better.

You see this one is homemade. We made it on a weekly basis at the café I worked at in Malmö, Sweden.

Ever since I made it at the café I started making it at home, I’ve made it with all kinds of chocolate, sometimes, dark, milk or white chocolate, I sometimes mix all of them, I’ve also made it with Nutella! 😀 and it tastes just a s good every single time.

What you need:

  1. Sirup
  2. Cornflakes
  3. Dark, Milk or White chocolate
  4. Butter
  5. Peanut butter (soft or crunchy)

I don’t use any measurements when I make this, I don’t find it necessary, but make sure you have a full jar of peanut butter!

  1. I start by melting the butter in a casserole, I then add sirup and mix it, DON’T LET IT BOIL!  and lastly I add the peanut butter. For the cornflakes I crush them, you can do that however you want, if you’d like for the snickerkaka to be chewy you should have the cornflakes crushed very fine. otherwise just crush them regularly.
  2. After that is done, I mix the butter, sirup and peanut butter mix with the crushed cornflakes, make sure it is well mixed, add more cornflakes if its too runny.
  3. Prepare a form, I always use baking sheets to whichever form, because then I don’t need to worry about anything sticking to the forms. I place the baking sheet paper in the form, and cut it so its not sticking all around the form.
  4. I then poor the mixture in, smooth it out and let it cool by an open window.
  5. I then  melt the chocolate,  you can melt it however you want, we usually prefer a water bath. Its fast and it ensures everything is melted evenly.
  6. Check to see if it has cooled down well,if it hasn’t, it might be difficult to poor chocolate on it and spread it evenly but  if it has you’ll be ready for the last step!
  7. I poor the chocolate all over it, and spread it evenly and just let it cool some more so it can harden! 😀

The final results!

You can cut it in whatever shapes you’d like! It tastes so so good! And it’s super easy to make! It is one of my favourite no bake snacks! 😀