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Hey did you miss me?

5. juni 2018

Well look at that, I’ve been busy for a while now right? :0

I’m thankful you guys have still been visiting my blog and sending me messages! <3

But I’m okay, don’t worry! I’ve just been very busy with uni and work, so I had to take time off the blog. But I’m glad to be back!

After having had very stressful couple of months I managed to be extra spontaneous with a trip! I know, how is it even possible for me to be more spontaneous?! 😛

Well you see I was browsing one of those last minute websites and stumbled upon a trip on  Friday 10 days ago, then I just booked it, unspecified hotel, ended up on a different island than expected BUT it all worked out!

I’ll be making a post more detailed soon about what I’ve been up to with everything. But I’m proud of how things turned out! The trip was incredible, adventures, relaxing and fun! I loved flying out the same day I book a holiday and will definitely do it again! I also recommend it for everyone to try that at least once, especially booking a trip without knowing what hotel you’ll end up in! It’s incredible how life get easier once you learn how to not obsess and be in control all the time.

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Such a busy bee!

16. februar 2018

Hey lovelies <3

I’ve not been good at updating at all lately and I obviously have a million excuses for that! But I have genuinely been extremely busy, been trying to keep up with coursework, actual work, preparing everything for China etc.

Luckily I got the visa without having to travel to Copenhagen to leave  fingerprints! Which is amazing, no more stressing about making time for that! 😀 Also I’ve booked my return ticket home from Australia!

Here is a list of what will be happening in the remaining weeks of February, and future  March and April:

  • Book a cab from Shanghai to the university and a cab from the university to the airport again.
  • Buy my train tickets to and from Copenhagen
  • Work work work work
  • Group work on the project
  • Do my part of the project and read all the material
  • More coursework
  • More actual work

Now whats happening in March and April ??

  • 16th of March:
    • Get to Copenhagen by train
    • Fly to Moscow, Russia
    • See Moscow for a few hours (?)
  • 17th -31st March
    • Fly to Shanghai, China
    • Arrive at the airport all lost and confused (obviously, and its a fact)
    • Find the cab
    • Arrive at the university, find my room and chill with Karoline
    • Next day the introduction will begin! 😀
    • Spend two weeks on a course about visual identity and branding at the university in Shanghai
    • See the city and what it has to offer
    • Go to karaoke bars and sing a lot!
    • Visit the great wall of China
    • Say goodbye and thank them for these two weeks, receive a diploma
    • Pack bags for the next destination
  • 1st-5th April
    • Arrive in Melbourne on the 31st of March
    • See my aunt and cousins again
    • Stay with them for 5 days

I still don’t know what the agenda is for my stay in Melbourne but I know it is going to be fun! And I’m super excited and can’t wait to start this new adventure! This is what has been keeping me busy to be honest! Arranging and planing everything as well as working and doing coursework.

At the beginning I wanted to spend more time abroad in both Asia and Australia, but there isn’t time for it 🙁 So 3 weeks will be more than enough! Because we’re still working on our plans for the summer! Which are just as exiting as studying in China and seeing Melbourne again.





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Part 1: Travelling to New Delhi, India

25. januar 2018

I promised I would make a post about this trip and I might have postponed making one, due to many reasons.. of which I will write about here.. in a medium long post..

I splurged on a rather “cheap” ticket with KLM from Aalborg to New Delhi on the 23rd of December, with only one layover in Amsterdam. I exchanged money in Amsterdam where I was told 10 000 rupees is more than enough for 5 days in India. The flights were comfy and the food was decent. I met loads of people on my way there, but once they heard I was travelling alone to India as a female.. they had to give me loads tips and help me out a lot. Which was alright.. but listen I’m not inexperienced or a child.. so it was kinda rude. The wait for the passport check took more than an hour, there were loads of people, I had a really and migraine and my vision was blurry, luckily I had one slice of pizza left on me from the day before when we ordered pizza and Laust packed me two slices. So I ate it in line so I wouldn’t pass out. I had to fill out an arrivals paper and that was extremely difficult since I could barely see, could barely stand, could barely walk.. But I survived. And it did not help that there were millions of people all around me. As soon as you step off the plane you won’t be able to have that much space to yourself.. that’s how crowded it is.

Here are some of the advice they gave me which I tried to follow:

  1. “If they try to sell you something you want for say 100 rupees you say 20 rupees. Because they are overcharging you.” – Nice lady from Canada travelling with daughter to visit family in India.
  2. Keep your belongings on you and watch out
  3. Don’t trust rickshaws unless they have a price list
  4. Don’t trust travel agencies that say they can take you to Agra or Jaipur “very cheap” – Travel guide at the hotel I stayed at
  5. Don’t eat street food! You’ll get Delhi belly aka Travellers diarrhoea – Travel guide, dutch lady who sat next to me on the plane, cab drivers, Tour guide in Agra, as well as another tourist I met..
  6. Make sure you give gratitude !! (tips, cash to everyone)  – Travel agent at the hotel

I arrived at Bloomrooms Railway station great hotel, amazing staff, it said it was a 3-star hotel but felt more like 5-star. It was that much better than 3-star hotels in Europe. I also got breakfast there everyday. I tried everything on their menu and it was delicious. I had dinner there once and it was amazing too. Not at all pricey. Considering that I tried KFC there which cost way more than the hotel restaurant.

On my first day, I still suffered from the same extreme migraine, unbearable.. I was exhausted but didn’t want to waste my first day in India by staying in bed. I went down for breakfast. Then went and spoke to the travel agent about a tour of New Delhi, he arranged for me to be picked up in half an hour, and it would only cost 1700 rupees with a private driver and including parking, tolls etc. So it was totally fine.

My driver wasn’t the best best.. He didn’t give me loads of info, I wanted to go to the spice market and to stall like shops etc, so he took me to red fort, but he did not mention that I needed to walk from red fort, I only thought red fort was the attraction itself, so spent 15 minutes there seeing it and taking pictures, he did not mention that the way to get to old delhi and to the spice market was through there. He only said so after we drove out of the parking space. And he wouldn’t go back there again since he doesn’t want to pay 50 rupees for parking again.. Which was shitty.. I missed out on buying good things for the right price, and buying them from the right honest people..

Beautiful Red fort

After redfort we went to Humayun’s Tomb which I’ve already posted about twice on Instagram, you can find it  HERE  and HERE

The entrance, after purchasing the ticket which took forever since I apparently stood in the wrong line. There are two lines, one is for Indians and the other one is for tourists and apparently I was in the one for Indians but no one told me. Even when I asked them if I was standing in the wrong line. A big tall man came up to me, he was dressed as a guard and started speaking to me in Hindi, I got so confused and scared, didn’t understand a thing, he then took me to the other line, guess he was trying to test and see if I was Indian? I got told I looked Indian early in the morning when I first stepped out of the hotel to see my surroundings in daylight. But didn’t think much of it until then.

I still can't get over how beautiful the architecture is in India. 

I still can’t get over how beautiful the architecture is in India. 

This is also the place where I met Sascha, a tech guy travelling in India on his own for a full month! I met him in the line to purchase a ticket to enter, also they overprice it for tourists although there are less tourists here than Indians coming in and also the Indians push your round and don’t even let you get to the window to buy a ticket, so Sascha got me a ticket and then I paid him the 500 rupees they charge. (Meeting Sascha showed me how much men get way more respect in India than females do, which pissed me off a lot, and I tried fighting their sexism my entire stay) Then a girl came up to me asking me to buy them tickets because I’m a foreigner and our line is shorter than theirs. And I’m like nope nope nope nope, since I didn’t even get room to buy my own ticket! How do you expect me to help you??

And this is Sascha! We kept in touch using email throughout his trip and mine. 

I hate the way males treat females in India. I despise it. I can’t stand it. It is unfair. I hope it changes soon. It is not only towards their own female population but towards tourists. As long as you’re female, they will look down on you somehow and treat you as if you’re very dumb. To this day I am still pissed off about it and many other things.

We went to other places during on that day but I’ll write more about that in another post! Since this one is getting way too long already… 😛


Part 2. coming up soon, stay tuned!

Denmark Uni

Update ??

21. januar 2018

Hey guys and gals I know I’ve been gone for about 10 days and oh boy have I been busy!

But I have good news! We managed to pass our exam this week! YAY us!! So we’ve been celebrating because we also finished this semester! Meaning I only have 3 semesters left before I graduate! I can’t believe that I’m halfway! I spent my first university college year in Glasgow as you all know which gave me two complete university semesters in Business, and now that I’m doing marketing in Denmark I get a good mix of knowledge 😀 which I find both fun and interesting! I love my current studies so much, no matter how difficult and confusing they are! I learn new things everyday and I can’t get enough of it! I’m so happy that I found the perfect education! 😀 I would definitely recommend business and marketing studies to anyone who’s looking for a creative yet structured field of studies.

Also I’ve been busy busy busy looking for a new part time job. Since my previous employer did not need me anymore I’ve been so bored without a job. Life feels meaningless. I also have so much time off right now. The next semester doesn’t start until February. 🙁 But I’ve been looking through the schedule and oh boy oh boy! We’ll be starting with sales, communication and more international marketing!! 😀

And I’m so sorry I’ve been slacking on the blog lately, I should’ve written and posted the trip to India post ages ago, but life got in the way. Haven’t even started on the Vlog! But I’ll get started on it tonight! So stay tuned. I’ll do my best to write and post it ASAP.


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Monday Brunch

11. januar 2018


The girls and I met up for brunch in the city in order to catch up on what’s been going on lately. We haven’t hung out properly since last year and it felt like an eternity since! We went to Caféministeriet in Aalborg.


They both got scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, while i decided to get a “healthy” organic brunch.. Mine wasn’t as fun as theirs 🙁 But it was still very delicious! 😀 I had Grapefruit, salami, blue cheese, skyr with müsli, marmalade and green olives.

We chatted for hours and sipped on our coffee until we decided to go to the shops. Karoline had just moved into her new place and needed to buy a few things. And we decided to make a day out of it. We went to søstrene grene and got a few art supplies and then went over to her flat and started painting and just being artsy. That was really fun and different! This is the most innocent we’ve been I believe..  We played trivia pursuit, about harry potter and seriously I know absolutely nothing about any of the movies! I have watched all of them but know nothing.. 🙂 Karoline won several times and Rea won too, except for me. And I usually win when playing games.. 😛 After that we ordered takeout and did a puzzle, which was difficult! although we were three peopled doing it somehow we didn’t complete it?? And there weren’t that many pieces left. I guess we were just tired (yes thats a valid excuse)





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Saturday Night (sponsored content)

11. januar 2018

After having a long week of studying, cleaning and being ordinary humans, Laust and I decided to go out with our mates. What was originally planned as a night with a drink or two ended up with a night full of dancing, laughter and food.

We all met up at the old Irish pub in Aalborg, which is turning out to be our place to hang, Laust and I were obviously late,  because as always I couldn’t figure out what to wear, how to do my hair, the humidity here isn’t treating my hair fair, and what kind of makeup I’d do. We managed to chug down a drink before heading out.  But we still made out the door just in time to be half an hour late which was fine.

Outfit details:

Velvet Burgundy Dress:  Missguided – They don’t have this exact one anymore but they have similar ones on there still which you can find HERE 

But ASOS also has similar dresses!  Use this link to get 5% discount! Isn’t that awesome?? You can find them HERE

Black Belt with Buckle: Also from Missguided – They also don’t have this exact one anymore but you can find similar ones HERE

You can find a very similar belt at ASOS and when using my link you get a 5% too! You can find the belt HERE

I bought these items over a year ago but Missguided and ASOS still have similar items 😀

We had a drink and chatted and then decided to go to Viggos which was just across from Old Irish. Jomfru Ane Gade is a street where all the bars, pubs and clubs are. That street is slowly growing on to me when we have nights as good as last Saturday. Other than that I hate that place. It usually is too crowded and there are way too many drunk people for my taste. Anyway. We had more drinks, laughed a lot, played games, danced the night away. I ended up getting sick. That what happens when I don’t drink every weekend anymore. A few drinks and I’m done. Luckily we managed to make it home without dying! We got food from a place nearby and their food was so good! Laust said I literally cried because of how good their food was! And honestly I’m not chocked! 😀

Here are a few images from our night. Since I didn’t take any good ones I borrowed these from Viggos Facebook page! (Thank god they had a cameraman!)

Laust and I exhausted from dancing but we couldn’t stop.

Simone and I, still dancing

Karoline and Luka

Valentin, Luka and Karoline






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What A Year : Recap of 2017 ! *long post*

6. januar 2018

I know it has been ages since I last updated the blog but I have been very busy, I got back from India 3 days ago and I’m still in awe about the entire trip. I will dedicate a post or two as well as a blog for my days in India where I will be going more into depth about everything. But for now I will present a recap of 2017! A year filled with events, travels, ups and downs of all kinds! 😀

I’ve managed to travel to so many places and meet loads of people and learn who the most important people in my life are. I also got to learn that fake people come around with many faces, their jealousy, hate and insecurities can’t be hidden though. The truth comes out and I’m proven right once again.

I had the worst time in Glasgow. For those who don’t know, I was very happy at first to meet new people and explore a new city! But that happiness quickly faded when people started talking shit about me and harassing me on my blog “anonymously”.. I also kept getting harassed when I spoke about how awful people were. People started assuming it was about them when it was clearly meant towards those who did the bullying. (if the shoe fits feel free to wear it) and people don’t even understand what the term friend means.. I mean one or two people I became “friends” with in Glasgow said goodbye to me and wished me well as I left AND kept in touch. The rest not at all. So why should I consider you a friend? When you never get in touch or if you haven’t spoken to me in weeks while I was still in Glasgow? Or messaged me anything when I made it clear that I was moving? Obviously you don’t care. And I don’t care enough to consider you anything. So go harass me all you want. You’re just proving me right about how people are no good where you’re from. You’re showing an image no one wants to see or expect to see form a beautiful city. So go ahead. Keep doing it. The more you do it the more trouble you drag yourself in. It is a crime to harass and bully online. You can get prison time or fines when the offences increase. And it will be put on your record, enjoy.  You are spending time and energy on me so thank you very much for that attention. But look at me now? I’m in a much happier place, surrounded by amazing people where I get to lift people up and encourage them and they do the same for me. For all I care it was Glasgow’s and it’s peoples loss that I ever left. I got taught who the fake and the real are and that is the greatest lesson of all. People were horrible to me and to my sister and I have met at least 10 people who lived/worked/studied there who experienced the same hostile, aggressive attitude. But I’m the only one willing to share it.  This will stay in 2017. Along with everyone I ever met and knew in the horrid,  awful but beautiful city of Glasgow where the people are freakishly aggressive and clueless. 🙂

Here is how my year was overall:

One of the highlights of this year has been our weekend in Paris, the city of LOVE. It is everything you can ever ask for and dream of. I can’t believe how we spontaneously managed to go everywhere this year and how much fun it has been! I was always looking for a way to travel out of Glasgow to pretty much anywhere because of the bad weather and somehow ended up in Paris where it rained even more!  Paris is still perfect wether it rains or not! 🙂











Shortly after Paris I got to travel to Rome and The Vatican!  😀  I’ve written two blog posts about that trip earlier this year which you can read  HERE  and HERE 















And shortly after Rome I got to travel to Portugal again! 😀 The previous posts about my most recent trip to Portugal can be found HERE and HERE












After that trip to Portugal I went straight back to that worried place Glasgow and stayed for 8 hours and then flew to Copenhagen to spend the last week of Easter with my dearest Laust 🙂 I spent at least two weekends, for every month I lived in Glasgow,  to travel down to Copenhagen and spend time with Laust, worth being exhausted and never being home.

One of my favourite highlights is also Laust’s graduation day! I am so proud of him! He is my pride, my rock, my heart and soul, my EVERYTHING.  I have a post from earlier this year regarding his graduation you can read it HERE 

After Laust graduated we officially left Copenhagen and Sweden and moved to Nordjylland where we spent our first 2 months living Laust’s mum and dad, it was wonderful! We had an amazing time 😀

We got travel to Croatia with Laust’s parents, and once we arrived his entire family was there and we got to spend two amazing weeks with them in the sun.

This was our everyday during these two weeks, we hope we get the opportunity to travel down to Croatia again this year. I have never been as relaxed in my entire life as those two weeks down there.

I have 3 other blog posts about this trip which you can find HERE and HERE and HERE 

As the trip to Croatia ended, we got home to only move again to our very own flat in Aalborg! One of the happiest days yet! 😀 We are still loving our flat and this town and we just can’t  get enough of it!

The post I wrote earlier this year about moving in is HERE

After moving in to our new place Laust and I started at new schools. We met amazing people and those amazing people became our friends.

I became friends with these amazing girls out of coincidence. Me and Rea sat next to each other on our very first day at UCN so she is pretty much stuck with me forever and Karoline had no choice but to be my friend because I straight up told her to be my friend so she can’t ever get rid of me now. These girls are THE BEST and I love them so much, and we’re the pink ladies.

I got to travel some more this year, I booked myself a 3 day trip to Belgium after the first exam which also gave me the opportunity to hop on a train and see Luxembourg as well!

You can read more about the trip on these two blog posts : HERE and HERE

After that trip I decided to once and for all stop all my travels in Europe and start exploring the rest of the world! So I went to India for Christmas! Which was an incredible journey! 5 days filled with activities of all kinds! I have posted a few pictures from the trip on Facebook and Instagram ! But I wont mention it here, this trip requires a post or two. I also filmed a few things which I will share on my youtube channel later on. But I’m so so busy right now studying for exams and trying to live with migraines that I rarely ever update! Which is the main reason to why it took me a week to write and finish this recap 🙁 I hope I can find a solution to those migraines because I really can’t stand living like this and being incapable of doing anything 🙁


ANYWAY : New things are coming this year which is making me very exited to share it all with you guys now BUT I WONT! And I am finally glad that I wrote my feelings down once and for all and can let go and throw 2017 in the bin. Shitty year but it got better  as soon as I moved back to Scandinavia and got to be surrounded by brilliant people 😀